Russian Doctors Want to Amputate!


But with Just a Little Help 

From You —


An American Surgeon 

Can Save Her Leg …



Four-year-old Liza lives in Russia. Her mother describes the horror of Liza's leg fracturing for no apparent reason.


"The first fracture happened, on completely level ground...”


“My daughter jerked her legs sharply and screamed terribly. I thought I would lose my mind, there was so much pain in her eyes.”


“She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, the X-ray showed a fracture of the bone, and they put her in a cast.”


A medical exam reveals that Liza has neurofibromatosis…


A rare disease where tumors create false joints, cause fractures, and the fractured bones don’t grow together.


Russian doctors all say the same thing - the prognosis isn't good, surgery is almost useless because there's a high risk the false joint will form again.


They suggest amputating Liza's leg.




She loves to dance. She dresses up in a beautiful dress and imagines herself as Cinderella, who is dancing with the prince at the ball…


But for now she’s only dancing in her father’s arms.


You have a choice today…a life-changing one.


Today, you can help create a miracle for Liza, a child who has no one else to turn to, but you.


Dr. Dror Paley, an eminent American orthopedic surgeon, has agreed to operate on Liza.


He believes that after surgery and physical therapy Liza will not only be able to walk, but also to dance!




Her and her mother to board an Airbus 330 international jetliner filled with new found hope for the future.


They’ll get nurturing. A warm blanket. And a little extra tender loving care from the flight attendants.


The family will be exhausted, overwhelmed, frightened as they land in America for the first time. They’re a long way from a completely foreign country... facing major, life changing surgery.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials will give clearance for RACF volunteers to greet the mother and child as they come off of the plane.


Seeing that someone they can trust is there as they step off the plane...


Will give them an immediate sense of relief and comfort.


They’ll get...


Escorted through passport control.

 Help getting their baggage off the carousel.

 A trusted friend walking side by side with them through customs.

 Someone who speaks their language.

 To take their first steps on American soil.

 A car waiting to pick them up that brings them to a comfortable, warm, welcoming home away from home to stay in.

 A comfy bed and to lay their head on a soft pillow to rest after the longest journey of their life.

 The best doctors and nursing staff at the Paley Institute at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida to treat Liza's condition.

 All of Liza's medications, lab tests, medical exams, anesthesia and medical expenses paid for.


 The complete surgery and physical therapy necessary to treat Liza’s rare condition.




A child who had no hope. A child who faced a life of disability.


Look at the care she is getting and, most importantly... 


She is being cured of her condition so she can go on to a live a full, complete life. 


This trip, thanks to your donation, will not only be an experience she and her family will never forget...


But your kindness is something they will carry in their hearts for the rest of their lives. And you get to walk away knowing that you helped change Liza's life.


[The cost of Liza’s surgical treatment is $105,000. Participants in the MINI Drives Russia 2019 rally raised $15,000 and $90,000 was raised by donations to the Rusfond children’s charity in Russia.]


An additional $10,804 is required for Liza and her mother's flights, housing assistance, food, local transportation, physical therapy, and other associated expenses for the duration of their stay in the USA, which is expected to last at least three months starting in late October 2019.




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    Russian children with rare, often deadly, diseases
    have no one to turn to for help...

    But you.

    Help make a miracle happen for these children.

    Help them get the groundbreaking American medical care
    that will change their lives forever!

    The Russian American Children’s Foundation (RACF), founded in 2012 as Rusfond USA, is a U.S. based children's charity that helps Russian children with rare, often deadly, diseases before it's too late. 

    Many rare diseases appear early in life.

    About 30% of children with rare diseases die before kindergarten.

    RACF needs your help to save these children’s lives by providing the advanced medical care they need. Children who would be disabled...  Now function as other typically developing boys and girls. Children facing death now live.

    Families are forever grateful... Because their children have new lives thanks to you.

    BE A MIRACLE MAKING CHAMPION - before it's too late

    We've heard their heart-breaking stories...

    A boy born with half a heart.

    A girl born without ears.

    A child going blind.

    Conditions occurring randomly with no known cause.

    They all have a chance to live a normal life if they can get groundbreaking American medical care in time.

    When a mother and father suddenly discover that their child suffers from a very rare, life-threatening condition, their only hope is to bring their child to America for advanced medical care.

    You can help make a miracle happen.

    These children need complex surgery, state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, financial assistance with travel and hospital stays. The challenges they face are daunting.

    You can help RACF be there for them every step of the way from finding leading specialists, negotiating hospital fees, helping to obtain U.S. visas to arranging flights, housing, interpreters, and other logistics within the United States. Children suffering from rare diseases often have to endure long days, weeks, even months of medical treatment before they can fully recover.

    Each step forward brings them closer and closer to the miracle for which they are praying.

    Your can help be the answer to their prayers. 

    Help make a miracle for these families today. They have nowhere else to turn. 

    how to help create miracles

    Help a Russian child with a rare disease get groundbreaking American medical care!

    Be their Miracle Making Champion.  Change their life, and maybe even your own, forever!

    Be a Miracle Making Champion. RACF accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
    Or you can send a check to:

    Russian American Children's Foundation
    420 Lexington Avenue
    Suite 300
    New York, NY 10170

    Thank you for helping to make another miracle happen!

    The fine print: All miracle making gifts in excess of what is needed for a specific child will help other children in need of groundbreaking American medical care. By contributing to a specific RACF program, you acknowledge that RACF has the authority to apply contributions designated for this program to another, related purpose in the event the program is fully funded at the time of your gift or in the event the program is modified or canceled.

    Please call +1.212.920.5746 if you have any questions.


    RACF believes that groundbreaking American medical care will change the lives of Russian children with rare and, often deadly, diseases forever. RACF guarantees that all funds donated by our kind, compassionate, caring, generous, and hard‑working supporters will be spent in the United States. 

    RACF guarantees that it will never transfer funds to any entity, foundation, organization, or individual based in Russia either directly or indirectly through other U.S. based 501(c)(3) public charities. All donated RACF funds will be spent in the United States or with U.S. based 501(c)(3) public charities who agree to adhere to this policy as verified on Schedule F, Part II of their annual report to the IRS on Form 990. Full terms and conditions.




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