Life Changing Ear Surgery for Peter, Can You Help?

Life Changing Ear Surgery for Peter, Can You Help?

California Ear Institute, Palo Alto, CA

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The year was 2009. 

Peter is born in Russia on Christmas Eve. He’s healthy, but his ears don’t look right. His right ear is disfigured.  His left ear is missing…. completely.

A specialist examines Peter.  He determines that not only is Peter missing his left ear, but the left ear canal is completely closed. The right ear is disfigured and missing the ear drum. This condition, called “atresia microtia,” causes hearing loss on both sides. 

Peter's parents feel scared, helpless, dejected. For years, they struggle with his condition. The only real solution offered by their local doctors is a series of expensive surgeries using their son's rib cartilage to make an ear when Peter turns 10 or 12.

In 2016, Peter's parents learn about two American doctors, who have developed a special operation for children like Peter. 

Today, you can help Peter get life changing ear surgery in America.

Dr. Joseph Roberson is a pre-eminent surgeon who treats hearing impairment in children at the California Ear Institute in Palo Alto, California. He serves as faculty member and is the former Chief of Otology-Neurotology-Skull Base surgery at Stanford University.

Dr. John Reinisch is a board-certified plastic surgeon and graduate of Harvard Medical School. He’s treated more than 20,000 children with ear deformities from across the country and around the world.

These American surgeons are able to create an inner ear canal and an outer ear where none exist. In just one operation, they create a new ear from synthetic biomaterial and wrap it in a thin layer of tissue from the child’s own skin. 

In 2017, thanks to the support of many generous and compassionate donors, Peter comes to the California Ear Institute for surgery.  Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Roberson create a new left ear and ear canal for Peter! 

Thanks to many small donations, Peter returns several months later for surgery on his right ear to create an ear drum. The surgeries are successful. Peter can hear! He’s now functioning normally without the use of any devices or hearing aids. 

You can see how proud Peter is of his new ear in the photo. But… just a year later, his hearing starts to decline. His middle ear bones fused together during the healing process following surgery. It’s not common for this to happen. 

Now Peter’s middle ear bones no longer transmit sound vibrations. After the joy of having his hearing restored… A setback! However, there is an easy fix for this problem.

Today, you can help Peter. You can give him life changing ear surgery in America.

Under microscopic guidance, doctors will use a laser to remove the areas where the bones have become attached. According to Dr. Roberson, “typically this is a lasting solution and restores patients’ hearing to optimal levels. We are confident this simple revision procedure would significantly improve Peter’s hearing.”

Thanks to you and your donation, this next trip to America for Peter's ear surgery will be an experience he and his family will never forget. Your kindness is something they will carry in their hearts for the rest of their lives.
And you get to walk away knowing that you helped change Peter's life.


All the funds necessary for Peter's care have been raised.

Peter successfully underwent surgery to restore his left ear canal at the California Ear Institute in Palo Alto, California.


All the funds necessary for Peter's second surgery have been raised. Peter successfully underwent surgery to restore his right ear canal at the California Ear Institute in Palo Alto, California. Both of the boys ear canals have been restored and he can now hear.


All the funds necessary for Peter's further medical care have been raised.