Seven month old Artem

A New Beginning for Artem

MSB General Hospital, Serbia

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Just 7 months old, Artem's life story is already marked by both challenge and hope. He was born with a condition so rare and complex that it even startled the medical staff: his bladder was outside his body, requiring urgent medical care.

In his first crucial hours, Artem was given up for adoption by his biological mother, making his need for both medical and familial support more pressing than ever. It was during this vulnerable time that a family, ready and waiting to provide a loving home to a child in need, learned of Artem.

So moved by his situation and, familiar with the medical challenges he faced, they made the decision that would forever change Artem's life: they welcomed him into their hearts and home.

As Artem grew, so did the complexities of his condition, leading to the urgent need for a specialized surgery. One that promises him a brighter, healthier future. The cost of this essential surgery is 35,025 euros, a sum that is beyond the family's reach.

At the MSB Hospital in Belgrade, Serbia, Dr. Nikola Stanojević, a highly skilled surgeon renowned for his expertise in Artem’s condition, can perform this critical surgery in one procedure. This offers Artem immediate relief and eliminates the need for multiple surgeries.

This is where you can make a difference.

By contributing to the cost of Artem's surgery, you're doing more than providing financial assistance; you're giving Artem a chance at a childhood defined not by his medical condition but by moments of joy, laughter, and growth. Your generosity can open the door to a future where Artem can thrive, just like any other child.

Let Artem's story touch your heart the way it has his parents and make a donation. Your support, in any amount, can significantly transform Artem's life, offering him a future filled with endless possibilities.

Be a part of Artem's journey and make it one filled with the gifts of joy, health, and most importantly, love.

(All donations to RACF in excess of what is needed for Artem will help other children in need.)